Staff Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Full-Time in Mountain View, CA - Senior - Engineering - $175k - $205k

About Sybill:

At, we are building a 10x better way to do B2B sales via an end-to-end, AI-first GTM stack that unlocks unprecedented levels of automation for the sales reps. The existing GTM stack only gives reps a better UX to do their admin tasks. With Sybill, reps will not need to do them at all. All they will need to do is take customer calls and supervise the AI, enabling them to be super-sellers.

Our founding team from Stanford, Harvard and IITs has built a sales-specific, proprietary AI to extract highly accurate deal attributes, which unlocks these workflows. This AI-first GTM stack will disrupt both today’s pigeonholed tools (Gong, Highspot, Scratchpad, Clari, Outreach) and remove the need for extensive middle management in GTM orgs.

With Sybill’s conversational AI workflows, reps are seeing a remarkable behavior switch in their day-to-day and they just can’t stop using the product (gross retention - 99%+). They are vocal about their love for Sybill on LinkedIn, enabling us to grow 20x to $1.2M in ARR last year.

The Opportunity:

As a senior founding member of our engineering team, you will lead the creation of revolutionary generative AI features that shape our user experience. In our fast-growing environment, you'll have exceptional autonomy over the entire product development lifecycle, from design to deployment, and witness the direct impact of your work on both our customers and fellow engineers. You will:

  1. Drive the end-to-end design and implementation of innovative features on our Conversational AI platform, encompassing task breakdown, delivery, testing, monitoring, and maintenance.
  2. Consistently create simple, elegant domain-driven designs and write high-quality, easily understandable code that others can leverage.
  3. Influence the features and direction of our AI-first sales intelligence platform with your ideas and proactively identify opportunities to enhance business processes.
  4. Collaborate closely with product, design, and the rest of the engineering team to drive product-led growth through engineering.
  5. Grow with the company as a technical leader, mentoring early-career engineers, and shaping our systems and culture.

    This opportunity places you at the heart of an early-stage, rapidly evolving B2B SaaS startup, giving you the power to profoundly influence our product roadmap and team culture.

    Who You Are:

    To be effective in your role, you will need to :

    1. Demonstrate exceptional individual contributor capabilities, with a strong track record of building, launching, and maintaining high-quality software products.
    2. Excel at delivering fast, reliable, and seamless user experiences, taking full ownership of projects from conception through to production release, and making data-informed technical decisions.
    3. Have the ability to work collaboratively with design, product, and sales teams to align goals and drive product-led growth.
    4. Show resilience and flexibility in navigating uncertainty and embracing new challenges in an early-stage startup environment, while also leading and mentoring a small team of engineers.


    1. Experience: 7+ Years of Professional Software Engineering Experience, including at least 3 years of experience with senior engineering roles, ideally within an early-stage startup setting. MS/PhD in Computer Science or related fields is preferred.
    2. Familiarity with our technologies: Strong experience with our primary technologies, including React.js, Redux.js for UI development, and Python (FastAPI, Pydantic, Pandas) for backend development. Preferable experience working with NoSQL databases, highlighting the ability to handle non-relational data models effectively.
    3. Product Lifecycle Management: Demonstrated ability to manage feature development lifecycles from design through to deployment, including testing, monitoring, and maintenance.
    4. Collaboration: Proven ability to work cross-functionally and collaboratively with the founders and other internal stakeholders including design, product, and sales teams.
    5. AI Knowledge: Exposure to or experience with B2B products leveraging generative AI is highly preferred.
    6. Founding engineer's journey: A proven track record of thriving in early-stage startup environments, showing resilience and flexibility in the face of uncertainty.